5 Sets You Can’t Miss at Lights All Night Day 2

After a successful and fun-filled first day with artists like Honeyluv, Viel, Gordo, and Excision, Lights All Night is prepared to keep the party rolling with a stacked Day 2 lineup. Get ready for another night of magic with our list of 5 sets you can’t miss tonight.

Lights All Night Set Times

Who: Kill Script   

Where: Metroplex, 6:00-6:45 

Embrace your inner techno-fiend and head over to the main stage to catch Kill Script mixing a blend of Sci-fi cinematography and Techno.  His intense live production is always a vibe and a solid way to get the party started.  Perfect for fans who love PRXZM and Heimanu

I can’t wait to make my return to Dallas. I’ve heard so many good things about LAN and the experience they throw there so I’m stoked to be able to take over the mainstage and throw down some heavy techno. We are going hard from the very start so get there early and let’s rave baby” – Kill Script

Who:  GRiZ

Where: Metroplex, 7:35-8:35

Dive into GRiZ’s sensational future funk sound and catch his early set on the main stage. His combination of live saxophone, vibrant funk, and electro-soul is one of a kind.

Always love coming to Dallas and have some heat in store for Lights All Night!”- GRiZ

Who:  ATliens

Where: Metroplex, 8:40-9:40

If you’re ready to ascend into outer space and experience the craziest bass and dub that you’ve ever heard, then you need to be at ATLiens. Our favorite masked duo, know how to keep the vibes at an all-time high, and their sets get crazier every time we see them.  If you enjoyed Svdden Death, HE$H, or Excision from Day 1, this is the set for you.  

Who:  G Jones

Where: Metroplex, 9:40-10:40

If you go to any set on this list, it should be G Jones. His creativity is on another level and his unique sets always make us feel like we’re transcending our universe and landing into a black-and-white bass world where G Jones is king.

Who:  Ganja White Night

Where: Metroplex, 11:50-12:50

Surfing on a tidal wave of wubs, Ganja White Night is a high-energy roller coaster ride into a jungle of filthy bass drops and the perfect set to go to if you plan on ending your NYE experience with Zeds Dead.

We’ve been away from Texas for far too long and Lights All Night is going to be a perfect way to get back. We have plenty of new tunes to share with our Texas Buds!”- Ganja White Night

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Festival Spotlight: 5 Sets You Can’t Miss at Lights All Night Day 2

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