4 Simple source of vitamin A and it’s benefits to our body

Consume vitamin A-rich foods if you have vision problems or night blindness. It also makes it difficult for women to conceive. This issue can not be ignored. The four simple and easily accessible foods listed below can help you replenish your vitamin A levels in your body.

Vitamin A symptoms

Let’s get into details about how lack of vitamin A produce commonly symptoms that we easily ignore. Most of the part affect is internal as well as external like hair, body etc.

1. Body skin dryness

Dry skin is common in winter, and the food sources that I am going to discuss are easily available in winter and everywhere. Such types of dry skin happens when there is a lack of oil in our body

close view of womans face

2. Night Blindness

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Not only does dry skin cause dry eyes, but a lack of vitamin-A causes them to itch most of the time. However, our night vision becomes weak. It is most common in elderly people. As a result, vitamin A should be consumed on a regular basis.

3. Dry eyes

It is self-explanatory that in our body, the eyes are the most delicate and important part. We should always take care of them. Another reason for the dryness in our eyes is insufficient liquid in our body. However, the dryness in our bodies could be very easily healed.

photo of a woman holding a dry leaf

4. Cause problems in infertility

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When scientists prove that Vitamin A helps both women and men keep their reproductive organs healthy, It is stated that infertile men or women could have, or may have, a deficiency of vitamin A in their bodies. Lack of vitamin a also affect the growth of foetus as well as kids

Benefits of Vitamin-A

4 Simple source of vitamin A and it's benefits to our body | carrots close up delicious diet
4 Simple source of vitamin A and it’s benefits to our body | Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  • 1. It is most important for your eyes and thus the addition of vitamin-A in our food is very important. It has an enzyme that helps and nourishes the retina, skin and keep our reproductive system healthy.
  • 2. It improves your digestion capacity and heals major indigestion issues. If you have acid reflex eat food that has vitamin.
  • 3. It is a fat-soluble vitamin and thus it also helps kidney, heart and other organs.
  • 4. It helps improve our eye vision, dryness though out the body.

Sources of Vitamin-A

Below sources of Vitamin is easily available and everywhere.

  • Milk
  • Green and leafy Vegetables
  • Pumpkin
  • Carrot

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